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Power Play book
Power Play: Explorando y empujando fronteras an una escuela en Tejas through a multilingual play-based early learning curriculum

Peter Lang (2018)

Tim Kinard, Jesse Gainer, Mary Esther Soto Huerta

Power Play tells the story of activist teachers and the very young together in a play-based curriculum in a public school in Texas. The authors narrate (with playful interruptions) a curriculum that is powered by the students’ lived encounters—the languages, landscapes, beliefs, histories, geographies, politics, economies, ideas, people, things, matter, and matters of fact and fiction that students carry with them to school, that carry them to school, through school, through their lives. This book questions “beginnings” and celebrates the word “And.”

Political Socialization of Youth
Political Socialization of Youth: A Palestinian Case Study

Springer (2017)

Janette Habashi

This book increases the awareness of youth political agency and how it relates to adults, governments, communities, and local and global discourse. It reveals the complexity of youth’s political lives as it intersects with social identifiers such as location, gender, and political status, and interacts with neoliberal discourse embedded in media, local politics, education, and religious idioms. This book fills a gap in existing research to provide a body of literature on the political socialization and its manifestation in youth political agency. The research findings aid in understanding the abilities of youth to reason, reflect upon, articulate, and act upon their political views. This research is not only pertinent to children in Palestine, but can also be applied to children living everywhere as global discourse of oppression is not limited to a location, age or a group.

Reframing the Emotional Worlds of the Early Childhood Classroom

Routledge (2015)

Edited by Samara Madrid, David Fernie, Rebecca Kantor

This volume examines the emotional world of the early childhood classroom as it affects young children (whose emotional wellbeing is crucial to successful learning), educators (for whom teaching is never a solely cognitive act), parents, and administrators. In a culture where issues such as bullying and teacher burnout comprise major challenges to student success, this book brings together diverse voices (researchers, practitioners, children, and parents) and multiple perspectives (theoretical and personal) to refocus attention on the pivotal role of emotion in schools. Read More

Reconceptualizing Early Childhood Care and Education | Critical Questions, New Imaginaries and Social Activism: A Reader

Peter Lang (2014)

Marianne N. Bloch, Beth Blue Swadener, and
Gaile S. Cannella

Reconceptualizing Early Childhood Care and Education is a foundational text, which presents contemporary theories and debates about early education and child care in many nations. The authors selected are leading contributors in discussions about critical early childhood studies over the past twenty years; the editors are long-time scholars in the reconceptualizing early childhood movement.

Reconfiguring the Natures of Childhood

Routledge (2013)

Affrica Taylor

This book offers a paradigmatic shift in the ways in which childhood and nature are conceived and pedagogically deployed, and invites readers to critically reassess the naturalist childhood discourses that are rife within popular culture and early years education.

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